SAP Consulting Services

We offer a wide variety of SAP Standard consulting services and business end to end solutions.

Our speciality and passion is in the SAP finance space, working closely with our customers and strive to exceed expectations at every project.

Application Consulting

We analyze current business processes and assist customers to modernize and transform applications to achieve ultimate business goals.

Our experts discover, designs, develops, implement and support business improvement and transformed processes.

Business Improvement & transformation

So many business processes involves non-sap activities, like excel based reporting, or reconciliation processes.  These manual and time-consuming functions can be replaced by automated SAP processes.


Custom SAP Solutions

In some cases, business processes requires specialized functions which are not covered under the SAP Standard solution path.

Customized developed solutions and reports are designed, developed and implemented to cater for special business needs.

Financial Management

  • Financial management and Controlling processes
  • Order to Cash (RtR)
  • Procure to Pay (PtP)
  • Bank Accounting
  • Asset Accounting
  • Treasury
  • SAP RE-FX Lease Accounting – IFRS16
  • SAP RAR- Revenue Accounting Reporting – IFRS15

IFRS16 – Lease Accounting

  • SAP Lease Contract Management is a solution based on SAP RE-FX for IFRS16 with integration to SAP FI and SAP FI-AA.
  • The solution also provides lease accountants the ability to evaluate the financial impact of each lease and ultimately generates all valuation postings required by the new leasing standards.
  • SAP RE-FX allow you to manage  fixed or CPI linked escalations and various lease modifications through out the term.
  • A SAP Standard solution that calculate the Net Present Value of the lease, automatically creates the right of use asset and the corresponding liability.
  • Every month, the application will depreciate the right of use asset, generate the payments to the landlord and calculate the interest portion of the payment.
  • SAP RE-FX Standard functionality offers a full end-to-end IFRS16 Lease Accounting solution.