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Budget Wand – An excel based budgeting solution for SAP

Is Your Budgeting Process Highly Manual and Prone to Errors?

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You Never Know Which Version is Right

Disparate spreadsheets spanning across multiple departments are impossible to manage and reconciling at the end is a nightmare. There’s a high risk of errors and a low probability of reward.


Manual Data Consolidation is Inaccurate

Your budget numbers and data integrity are always in question because of reliance on manual processes, including exporting, formatting, and data consolidation from multiple sources.


Your Current Budgeting Tools Don’t Fit Your Needs

It’s hard to produce accurate budgets and forecasts when you don’t have the right tools or technical skills to create, share and upload budgets to your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) system easily.

Easily Create, Distribute, and Load Budgets

Meet your financial budgeting and forecasting requirements from within Excel using Budget Wand, a budget-loading tool used for leveraging the GL Budgeting functionality in Oracle EBS. Budget Wand makes it easy to create, load, and analyze budgets quickly, with minimal effort and setup.

Centralized Budget Model Distribution

With easy budget consolidation from multiple departments, you can spend more time analyzing your budgets than collecting data. Budget Wand comes with flexible, user-defined layouts to help you create budgets spanning years, periods, or multiple ledgers and mass-produced budget models that can be shared with budget owners automatically for completion.

Budgeting for Better Business Outcomes

Whether the fiscal planning process is an exciting time for you, or the idea of your next budgeting exercise leaves you cringing with the anxiety of chaos and long nights – this whitepaper will introduce you to the common budgeting approaches and challenges, while introducing ways to overcome them.


  • The structure of a functioning budget process
  • The current state of the budgeting process for most small-to-medium sized businesses
  • The risks in the most common approaches to budgeting and how to overcome them

And more!